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What will indoor services look like?


Faith has planned out this step in our church journey from outdoors to indoors by making sure everyone feels safe but has the opportunity to enjoy services indoors.


We will have the Church and Fellowship Center open to anyone who wants to join us in person. We will still be streaming live for those who have a health risk and need to stay home or who are just not ready to attend in person. To keep everyone at a safe distance from others, we have given everyone an option to either join us in the Sanctuary, which can hold up to 40+ people comfortably or you can join us in the Fellowship Center and watch the service on the projection screen through Zoom. But first, before you get comfortable in your seats, please make sure you stop at the check-in table that is set up outside where you will have your temperature checked and attendance noted. Then grab your bulletin to follow along with the service, pick up your communion cup that will be already blessed by our Pastor, pick up any other items available, and drop off your offerings. Pews will be roped off to keep 6 feet of distance between individuals or family units. Masks are required and there is no communal singing. But even with all these restrictions, we meet to worship together and give God the glory. 

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